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Posted by digitalsista on February 25th, 2008

This blog focuses on eMedia, Technology, Politics and Random Thoughts of a Digital Sista. Watch the Tag cloud and you will find that most of the posts will be about Women and Technology.

Legislative, industry, policies and societies impact on the lives of women and children will be posted here. This will include daily conversations that range from the digital divide, community technology, social media and politics.

Perspectives from sister geekettes, nerdettes, other techies will be posted from other blogs and current news. Periodically you will find pics, podcasts, videos and slide show presentations included in the blog. I acknowledge that this isn't exactly user friendly for disability users or those who are just getting to learn these technologies but I hope I can help to move the discussion about the issue along in a productive manner. Most people who will read this will think that the divide is over. This blog will also show you that we have a long way to go for that to actually happen.

Follow the updates and enjoy the posts.